Project name: Van Gogh Primary School - LANGVALDA
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Project name: Van Gogh Primary School

Project name: Van Gogh Primary School

Location: London, United Kingdom

Style: Historic Victorian Building

Products: Bespoke Timber Windows

Work area: 740m²


All for a Bright Future with Respect for the Past

Situated in a three-storey Victorian building, Van Gogh Primary School was in need of a window replacement project to improve its classroom environment. We were trusted to design, manufacture and install new timber windows with better heat retention and noise reduction properties. Since the building dates back to 1886, our task involved preserving the elegant look of the original windows. Better comfort for students had to be achieved with the highest respect for history.

This enormous project presented us with different challenges at every stage of the process: from design to installation. The first challenge was to recreate traditional windows designed more than 100 years ago. Surely, back then craftsmen did not have suitable technologies to meet the requirements of current public buildings.

To establish all the comfort and functionality that modern schools need today, we had to look for innovative technological solutions. By combining different types of window and door systems into state-of-the-art structures we were able to meet all the criteria.

Working around school hours was another significant challenge to overcome. Our team had to follow a very precise student relocation plan and meet every deadline to finish the available parts of the building. Despite some windows being large in size and consisting of complicated structures, our staff successfully installed them into all sections of the school.

All stages of the project had to run like clockwork: product manufacturing, transportation, setting up scaffolding and lifting equipment, as well as the actual installation work.  Thanks to our passionate commitment to the highest standards every step of the way, the project was fulfilled incredibly smoothly and ended up with a lot of praise from the school management.

Besides improved classroom environments and preserved history, the new timber windows now excite teaching staff and students with the aesthetic look. Our windows stand out with their long lasting and eye-pleasing finish, achieved by our experienced craftsmen with final touches made by hand. Not to mention the finest FSC-certified timber which is sourced from 100% replanted forests.

Van Gogh Primary School Bespoke Timber Windows:

  • Energy saving and noise reducing properties.
  • Precisely joined into large solid structures.
  • Factory glazed and spray-painted with topcoat.
  • Top quality fasteners, lifts, and pulleys.
  • Made of durable sustainable sources.