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Casement secure doors

Our casement secure doors is certificated by SBD (Secure by design).

  • The aesthetics of our timber doors can be designed to suit you with a choice of durable stain or paint finishes to compliment your property
  • Our timber doors are fully watertight and airtight meaning any noise can also stay outside with the cold weather
  • We can incorporate different types of glazing such as obscure glass allowing you to maintain privacy and decorative glass to compliment your style
  • Our multi-point locking gives added security and peace of mind
  • Manufactured by our team of loyal and skilled workers, we guarantee quality, design and a finish that can be trusted


We use Pickard and Mighton hardware, depending on the customer requests.  Our suppliers ensures to provide wide choise and best quality traditional English hardware.

Mighton – established in 1983, United Kingdom, as a supplier of nylon sash pulleys to the joinery window industry. Mighton offers a comprehensive range of over 2000 high quality sash, casement and door products. Mighton hardware are certificated by SBD (Secure by design)

Pickard – established the company in Keighley 1982. Pickard Hardware has grown to be one of the United Kingdom leading distributors of specialised hardware products.


One of the key factories ensuring the highest doors quality is wood and how wood is processed. Our secure casement doors is produced using laminated oak wood beams. All wood which we are using has FSC certification. It means that wood are from forest that are 100% replanted.

Oak: the quality of oak are truly remarkable. Oak wood has a density of about 0.75 g/cm creating great strength and hardness. It is very resistant to insect and fungal attack, also it is durable even in contact with moisture beyond all common belief. Oak is characterized as durable, long lasting with a bright and strong wood texture.


High quality completion of our secure casement doors is obtained using highest quality, ecological, water- based paints and pickle. The finishing coat is elastic and moves together with the wood, let it breathe. It is water soluble, moisture resistant and fast drying finish with a long–term UV protection.

A wide variety of paints and lacquers are available to meet our customers requirements. All of our paints and lacquers are environmentally friendly, ecologically clean and harmless to the environment.


Our painting technology for secure casement doors is:

  • filling the pores with a pores sprayer
  • grinding
  • impregnation – priming
  • grinding
  • priming
  • grinding
  • priming