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IV 78 windows



It is a 78mm thick laminated wood window, which has impeccable heat and sound insulation properties (~ 25% warmer than the profile IV-68), and high resistance to rain and wind load. 



  • high level of thermal insulation,
  • long-term resistance to weather conditions,
  • easy to use and maintain
  • wide choice of window styling options.
  • three seals provide tightness and good sound insulation.


One of the key factories ensuring the highest windows quality is wood and how wood is processed. Our windows are produced using laminated wood beams from Nordic pine and oak. Other types of wood such as Mahogany Sapele and Siberian larch can be both: solid and glued beams. All wood that we are using has FSC certification. It means that wood is from forests that are 100% replanted.

Wood types
  • Nordic Pine – from the slow-grown northern forest (Siberia, Karelia). Wood is soft, medium in weight has medium density, and also has excellent fiber and characteristics: tight growth rings, resulting in natural strength.


  • Oak – the quality of oak is truly remarkable. Oak wood has a density of about 0.75 g/cm creating great strength and hardness. It is very resistant to insect and fungal attacks, also it is durable even in contact with moisture beyond all common beliefs. Oak is characterized as durable, and long-lasting with a bright and strong wood texture.


  • Sapele– hard and very durable hardwood. Solid Sapele is generally stable when dry, making it ideal for use in doors and windows. It is ideal for painted applications due to its fine graining. Sapele also has an attractive aroma resistant to insects.


  • Siberian larch – It is naturally beautiful – so no finishing is required. This tree is one of the best coniferous woods in the forest, with excellent properties:
    Much lower moisture absorption levels compared with fir.
    Impregnation is unnecessary.
    High durability and very resistant to rot and fungus.
    High mechanical resistance and very good pressure resistance.
    Excellent wear resistance (Class II).
    High density
    Aesthetically pleasing to the eye; warm colors from golden brown to yellow sand, orange in the heartwood.


  • Our IV78 windows are glazed with double-glazed units which incorporate advanced thermally insulating glass to provide extremely low U-values. The efficiency is further improved by filling the cavity with Argon Gas and low conductivity Warm Edge Spacer bars to minimize heat loss on the edges and result in center pane U-values of 1.0 W/m.


  • High light transmittance (75%+) maximizes the entry of sunlight into your home. There is a wide choice of clear glass options,  etched glass, and extensive obscure patterned glass.


  • To improve security, all our spring sash windows are glazed internally, which makes it impossible for intruders to gain entry by removing the glass.


  • All double-glazed units are designed with drainage and ventilation channels, which helps to prevent timber frames from humidity using condensation grooves.


  • Toughened – increase strength and safety.
  • Laminated – provides additional security over toughened units.
  • Obscure – gives privacy and style to windows