Project name: Croix es Mottes - LANGVALDA
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Project name: Croix es Mottes 

Location: United Kingdom

Style: Renovated Neo-classical Private House

Products: Sash Box Windows, Casement Windows, French Door

Wood Type: Nordic Pine


Bringing Back Traditional Character and Charm



A gorgeous neo-classical house in the United Kingdom combining convenient family life and guest entertaining possibilities. A great deal of time and tremendous attention to detail went into the renovation of this property. Our task to manufacture new timber windows and doors by following the traditional look was no exception.


Designing and manufacturing the replica windows came with several challenges, mainly because of the unusual sizing, design and glazing of the originals. For the new windows to mirror the original features, very precise and detailed working drawings were prepared.




Later, when our client’s vision had shifted towards a more customized option with a dash of modern flair, we were quick to adapt and reworked the drawings accordingly. Eventually, after both options were laid down in detailed plans, it became clear that the house needed to keep the initially suggested traditional window design.

Thanks to our flexibility and adaptability, we were able to help the client experiment until the most suitable solution was found. We were determined to show all possible options in the clearest way possible. Just to make sure that the result brought the desired satisfaction!



Traditional British-style windows were exactly what the house needed to retain its period charm and character. Now, together with other interior and exterior décor elements, the new windows help create the perfect aesthetic harmony of the property.



Not only our exceptional customer support but also the impeccable quality of the products left an impression on our client. For this project we used the finest FSC-certified Nordic Pine, sourced from 100% replanted forests. Our exceptional window frame coating, which is only achieved by our craftsmen’s finishing touches made by hand, also received the highest praise.


We are extremely proud that our high-quality products and, most importantly the client-focused approach, gave the client confidence to trust us with more projects.


Nordic Pine Timber Qualities:

Slow-grown and naturally strong.

Resistant to decay and insects’ attacks.

Medium in weight with good elasticity.




Our Traditional Box-Sash Windows:

Highest standards of insulation, security and longevity.

Factory glazed and spray painted with topcoat.

Top quality sash fasteners, lifts and pulleys.




In order to ensure the quality of our products until they are delivered to the customer, we have developed packaging that protects the products during transportation. In addition to the main protective function, the packaging also provides an opportunity to communicate more widely about the values of the “Langvalda” company and spread the idea of sustainability: it is clearly visible during transportation and already at the construction site at the customer’s place. With the packaging, we convey the message to our customers that when they buy “Langvalda” products, they are not only buying high-quality windows and doors but also contributing to an important mission – replanting forests (we plant a tree for every product purchased). The QR code on the package invites you to visit “Langvalda” website and learn more about the ongoing sustainability project. In this way, the packaging helps us not only to spread the idea of sustainability but also to create a more sustainable relationship with our customers