Project name: Le Buissonet - LANGVALDA
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Project name: Le Buissonet

Location: United Kingdom

Style: New Build Private House

Products: Sash Box Windows, Casement Windows, Bespoke Windows, French Doors

Wood Type: Nordic Pine




Capturing Light, Sea Views and Traditional British Style





A refreshingly bright family home located in the United Kingdom, Inspired by traditional British architecture, it was newly built to satisfy contemporary island living. Not only did this project need traditional timber windows and doors to enhance its iconic British style, but also some bespoke solutions to make the most of magnificent sea views and light.



The first challenge was to reassure the client that despite being an overseas company we specialize in traditional British windows and can offer the finest quality with exquisite service from start to finish. More than 12 years of experience in the industry with around 400 orders fulfilled every year, helped us to resolve any doubts. Besides sharing very detailed plans of previous similar projects, we manufactured the requested window fragment samples for the design, aesthetics, and overall quality inspection.




Apart from the finest quality traditional windows and doors, we brought to life our client’s vision for the upper part of the house with a bespoke window solution. As the house is situated on a hill facing beautiful sea views, the vision involved bigger windows and more glass. Everything to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and maximize light! Also, it was crucial for the bespoke windows to keep the traditional look and match the conservatory below as well as the overall exterior and interior design.



Thanks to our innovative production technologies we managed to find a suitable solution. We connected two different traditional window systems (sash box window and casement window) into a lightweight but solid structure. In this way our experienced craftsmen were able to design bespoke timber windows with a triangle top. Both truly aesthetic and practical.


The bespoke window structures became the most eye-pleasing element of the house, catching admiring gazes even from far away. Most importantly, no functionality had to suffer to achieve the desired aesthetic look as all parts of the structure have openings.


We are delighted to have fulfilled one more unique vision for a loved home and proud to get all the praise about the overall quality of our products.




Bespoke Timber Window Structure with Triangle Top:

Sash box & casement systems.

Large size to maximize light.

Lightweight yet solid structure.

Superior ventilation.

Traditional British style.


Nordic Pine Timber Qualities:

Slow-grown and naturally strong.

Resistant to decay and insects’ attacks.

Medium in weight with good elasticity.





In order to ensure the quality of our products until they are delivered to the customer, we have developed packaging that protects the products during transportation. In addition to the main protective function, the packaging also provides an opportunity to communicate more widely about the values of the “Langvalda” company and spread the idea of sustainability: it is clearly visible during transportation and already at the construction site at the customer’s place. With the packaging, we convey the message to our customers that when they buy “Langvalda” products, they are not only buying high-quality windows and doors, but also contributing to an important mission – replanting forests (we plant a tree for every product purchased). The QR code on the package invites you to visit “Langvalda” website and learn more about the ongoing sustainability project. In this way, the packaging helps us not only to spread the idea of sustainability, but also to create a more sustainable relationship with our customers.